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Interview with Daniel Decker
28.04.11 15:36
Interview with Daniel Decker held an interview with the famous American musician-composer Daniel Decker.

As You are famous for Your pro-Armenian activities in connection with the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, we are interested whether yesterday You paid tribute to the Memory of the Armenian Genocide victims?

Yes, every year I pay tribute to the victims of the Armenian genocide. I am strongly committed to this issue.

Many Armenians are still impressed by Your performance in Tsitsernakaberd dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Shall we wait for Your next performance at the 100th anniversary?

If the Armenian government invites me for the 100th anniversary, I would be honored to attend and participate. My heart is with the Armenian people and I will stand proudly with them.

How are Your activities directed to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide expressed and are they only limited in the US? Do You cooperate with the Armenian lobby organizations?

I have worked with organizations in several countries to advance the cause of the Armenian people regarding the genocide issue. Whenever Armenian organizations invite me, I am happy to participate as my schedule permits.

Don't You have any problems in Your life and work because of Your attitude towards the Armenian people. What kind of obstacles have You met in Your way up to now?

I have faced many challenges in my life as as a result of my support for Armenia, but I have no regrets. Even though many Turks and Azeris have criticized and even threatened me, I will continue to speak the truth. The Armenian Genocide is a fact of history and no amount of threats or intimidation can alter the truth. I am proud to be an "Armenian By Choice".

We know that You study Armenian and You even have a large number of Armenian friends from both Yerevan and other places: which language do You use to communicate with them?

When I am among Armenians I speak mostly English, but I am learning more Armenian words all the time. now, I ma even singing in Armenian as you can hear from my latest CD of Armenian songs called "Armenian By Choice"

What place do the Armenians and the Armenian culture have in Your life?

Armenians and Armenian culture hold a very special place in my heart. Yerevan has become like a second home to me and I love so many things about Armenia, as well as Armenian culture.

Would You marry an Armenian girl?

I would have to say yes, if I meet the right person.

Are You going to visit Armenia in the future and with what purpose?

I would love to return to Armenia and hope to do it in the near future. I am interested in participating in many musical and cultural projects. Whenever I am invited, I gladly come. My heart is with the Armenian people. - Information source

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