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Let’s cheer on David Manoyan (Video)
20.06.14 12:07
Let’s cheer on David Manoyan (Video)

The following has been posted on the Armenian National Team and “Pyunik” F.C. midfielder Davit Manoyan’s Facebook page:

“This is how hard you have to work to recover from injury and back on the road to dreams. David Manoyan - recovering from knee injury - is pushing back to full fitness to get back on the field of play. Follow David and cheer on this Armenian international soccer player as I work with him to once again star with his talent. Great guy - passion is in the drive to live the continuous dream, not in the success you have. Day 1 done - August deadline creeping closer!”

“Double knee bands, double leg bridges, reverse lunge - static hold, leg press, balance squats. These are what I've been doing this week and will keep doing them for another 3 or 4 weeks. I started increasing my cardio ability. More bicycle with higher level and with higher speed. And a lot of time in the swimming pool. I swim from 500m to 700m everyday. That's the best way to increase the cardio ability”. - Information source

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