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USAID: 25 Years in Armenia
13.10.17 10:48
USAID: 25 Years in Armenia

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan attended today an event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of cooperation between the Republic of Armenia and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Prime Minister extended his congratulations on 25-year-long effective cooperation and implementation of numerous programs that have had a positive impact on Armenia’s economic and social development, and strengthened bilateral cultural and direct human ties. In his speech, Karen Karapetyan stated in part, “Since 1992, we have had a reliable partner in the face of the US Agency for International Development. Together with the Agency, we have made joint efforts over these years, focusing on emerging challenges with a special emphasis placed on situational challenges that were most relevant at that particular moment of time. What were these challenges?

In the 1990s, these were mainly related to the formation of a market economy and democratic institutions in Armenia, as well as to the projects aimed at eliminating the consequences of the earthquake and humanitarian programs.

In late 1990s, we shifted to a new format of cooperation aimed at ensuring sustainable economic development, focusing on market economy, private sector strengthening and macroeconomic reform in a bid to promote the investment climate and build up groundwork for sustainable development. We continued to work on the development and establishment of civil society and democratic institutions. We keep on working with our American partners to foster economic growth, develop democratic institutions and implement a wide range of social and educational programs.

I also want to mention the fact that the American University of Armenia, which is hosting us today and has prepared thousands of highly qualified personnel in Armenia over the past few decades, was established owing to the involvement of the International Development Agency and many philanthropists.

The American University of Armenia is one of our premium quality educational institutions. It is gratifying to see it expand year by year and offer even more extensive education to our students.

Dear Colleagues,

The United States of America is one of Armenia’s key partners. We are cooperating in a number of spheres, but I am confident that we have more potential for interaction that should be tapped ahead.

Armenia is going through a new round of reforms. We have initiated reforms in all parts of our country to ensure a stable, long-term growth for the country and to make Armenia competitive in a changing world. We need a sharp increase in efficiency in all areas, as well as changes in mentality and practices.

At the start of my speech, I noted that we have been working with the United States Agency for International Development for many years now based on the needs of a given period. Today, one of our most important imperatives is the ongoing reform in Armenia, and we make no secret of the fact that we expect immediate and active cooperation with our partners in the process of implementing such critical reforms.
I am hopeful or, to be precise, I am confident the 25-year-strong collaboration will be expanded in the years to come, and we will add new quality and step up the level of our relations. Offering my heartfelt congratulations, I wish you good mood. Thank you.” - Information source

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