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PM Briefed on Armenia’s Business Environment Improvement Process in 2017
04.10.17 12:00
PM Briefed on Armenia’s Business Environment Improvement Process in 2017

Chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, a consultation was held today in the Office of Government to discuss the implementation of the 2017 action plan aimed at improving Armenia’s business environment.

It was reported that 22 out of 49 actions planned for the current year have already been completed. The remaining 27 are in progress, and they are expected to come to completion by the end of November as planned.

Our country is expected to improve its position in the World Bank’s annual report by a few percentage points owing to the proposed measures. Note that Armenia improved its position by 5 points last year and was promoted to the 38th place.

The measures specified in the action plan cover the following areas: simplification of administrative procedures required for starting and developing business, SME promotion, investor protection, construction permits, as well as consistent introduction of electronic systems, credit accessibility, property registration, and infrastructure improvements.

Prime Minister Karapetyan urged the responsible officials to actively work with the World Bank representatives in order estimate as accurately as possible the effectiveness of the proposed actions, as well as to keep in touch with the business community over issues of mutual concern.

The Head of Government instructed to set up a standing commission, which should periodically discuss business climate improvement issues, involving all the stakeholders - Information source

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