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ARF Western US’ ‘Gars Academy’ Opens its Doors with Inaugural Session
21.09.17 09:15
ARF Western US’ ‘Gars Academy’ Opens its Doors with Inaugural Session

GLENDALE—Gars Academy, an initiative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US, opened its doors Tuesday night with its inaugural session with its first class of 25 participants, who have enrolled to enhance their organizational and leadership skills.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

The Gars Academy was conceived by the ARF Western US Central Committee, which believed that community organizations were in need of professional and capable leaders, who are well-versed in issues of concern to the community, our collective national interests, which require the proper historic context and an in-depth knowledge of challenges facing our nation and community.

“The Gars Academy is a unique opportunity for our activists to gain information and perspective on issues that concern all Armenians,” said Dr. Carmen Ohanian, a member of the ARF Central Committee and a member of the board of the academy. “We are providing cutting-edge information that will help our organizational leaders to make the proper decisions when advancing their respective missions.”

The pertinent subjects that will be covered by the Gars Academy include international political affairs, US governmental structures, ARF ideology and history and leadership skills taught by professionals specialized in the subjects. The academy will offer the classes on a trimester system and will meet twice a week.

To begin the academy, the ARF Western US Central Committee reached out to its members, as well as those who are active in its affiliate organizations. The academic director is Vazken Madenlian, who has been an active member of the community, most recently leading the telethon for the Syrian Armenian Relief Fun—SARF—and serving as the principal of the Vahan and Anoush Chamlian school.

The classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week at the Peshekerian Center located on Belmont Street in Glendale. - Information source

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