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Ankara Mayor Urges Prayers for More Disasters in the US
15.09.17 09:25
Ankara Mayor Urges Prayers for More Disasters in the US

ANKARA–Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek on Tuesday in a tweet urged his constituents to pray for more disasters, such as hurricanes Harvey and Irma, to befall on the United States, so that Washington would not have time to grapple with Turkey.

Accusing the US of causing enmity among Muslims, Gökçek said: “The cost of hurricanes Harvey and Irma to the US is $290 billion. Let’s continue to pray: ‘God, give those who are fighting with us such troubles so that they forget us.’”

Following his initial tweet, the Ankara mayor posted a series of tweets about how his remarks were not targeted towards the innocent people of the U.S., but instead the government and its leadership.

“Our curse was against these people not against innocent people,” Gökçek tweeted after he shared an article about Donald Trump and Edward Snowden.

Gökçek is no stranger to controversial tweets and statements. In August, he referred to German politician Cem Özdemir of being an “Armenian servant” and a traitor. Özdemir, the son of Turkish immigrants, has been highly critical of the government in Ankara.

Following Gökçek tweet, Armenian member of Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan came to Özdemir’s defense by tweeting, “Cem Özdemir will enter history as Turkey’s pride, whereas you—as the racist fascist shame.” - Information source

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