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Kylie Jenner posts throwback photo with all her siblings as she prepares to play Thanksgiving hostess
24.11.16 12:08
Kylie Jenner posts throwback photo with all her siblings as she prepares to play Thanksgiving hostess

On Thursday, Kylie Jenner will prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her sprawling family at one of her four Los Angeles County houses.

Wednesday was occasion for her to look back on another dressy occasion she'd shared with her four siblings.

An Instagram photo showed the entire quintet - Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Rob Kardashian, as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner - posing for the camera roughly a decade past.

The Jenner sisters, in particular, seemed even younger than they appeared when Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired its first series in 2007.

All three Kardashian sisters wore cleavage-baring black outfits, Kim's look including the added touch of a bow tie about her bare neck. Her hair also had a distinct fringe.

Although Kourtney barely appears to have aged a day since the photo was taken, the other Kardashians showed just how much they have changed. 

Meanwhile, Rob was wearing a black and white pinstriped suit, his hair spiked upward as a smiling Kendall leaned against him.

Kylie's caption vamped: 'Us at thanksgiving tomorrow like ..' before throwing in an emoji of a face wearing sunglasses.

It was the 37-year-old who'd revealed this year's Thanksgiving hostess during an appearance on the Amazon series Style Code Live early in November. 

Though she's written on her app about Why And How I Made Our House Gluten- And Dairy- Free, 'For Thanksgiving, I think I'm just gonna, like, F the diet.'

She explained that 'Kylie’s making Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I’m like, I can’t really ask her to make gluten-free and dairy-free, and I don’t really want to.' 

The mother of three had been busy on social media herself, updating her Snapchat in the run-up to Thanksgiving dinner.

'Date with my little lady' was written in green over a post that showed paintbrushes and watercolours strewn about a white table.

Penelope, Kourtney's four-year-old middle child and only daughter by Scott Disick, was partly visible, her arm reaching out for one of the brushes.

Like her youngest sibling, Kris Jenner's firstborn was in the mood for a bit of cross-sibling promotion as well. 

Two Snapchat posts showed off an extensive collection of Christmas-themed socks from Rob's line Arthur George. The pairs were emblazoned with messages ranging from 'MISTLE TOES' to 'XMAS & CHILL' to 'BAH HUMBUG.'

Emojis of Father Christmas were splattered about each of the posts, and one of them offered a 'thanks Bobby' for the extensive collection. 

'Us at thanksgiving dinner tomorrow like': On Monday, Kylie Jenner shared a throwback photo of herself with all her siblings from what appeared to be about a decade past

'F the diet': It was Kourtney Kardashian who'd revealed, during an appearance on Style Code Live earlier this month, that her youngest sister would be preparing Thanksgiving dinner for her family 

'Date with my little lady': The 37-year-old's Snapchat this Wednesday gave a glimpse of a watercolour painting session with her only daughter Penelope, who's four years old

'thanks Bobby': The mother of three also showed off a profusion of socks from Arthur George, her only brother Rob Kardashian's line

Never too early: The socks he'd sent over bore Christmas-themed messages - Information source

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