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"I look forward to meeting with the Armenian audience in Los Angeles." Manuk Aghazaryan (Manch)
15.09.16 12:17

This year Manuk Aghazaryan (Manch) is quite active in its activities and he has lots of news for his audience. Is there unfinished work that needs to be completed before the end of the year?

-Yes, this year I am very pleased with me because I have new songs, a new album was released, a video, concert tours, benefit concerts and new original project.

You sing with your own style and never betrayed your style. Did not think to change the musical style. What is for you your preferred musical style?.

- I have grown up listening to the folk songs since my childhood that is why I like my style.

You have song in many concertsd both in and outside Armenia. Can you notice the difference between Armenia and the Armenian audience living outside of the borders?.

- The big difference I feel, I feel warmth in every city, outside of the borthers people are more homesick of popular folk style .

Today, many of our show business performers can be seen in "restaurant (rabis)" style. I would like to hear your opinion about rabis style. Does this style have a big role in your life?.

- Rabiz style was, is, and will remain in its positions. Today presenting literate rabis song is the most complicated. I highly appreciate rabis style and always sing in that style.

Today you have an invitation from the United States. How much are you ready to represent yourself to Diaspora?.

- Of course I am ready and I am preparing a new project. I feel a great responsibility and look forward to meeting with the audience.To represent the national song in the Diaspora, it is a big honor for me, I want to see their enjoying  faces, so look forward to our meeting. - Information source

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