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Davit Babayan: There is no alternative to recognition of NKR’s independence
13.07.16 13:08
Davit Babayan: There is no alternative to recognition of NKR’s independence

In an interview with “Armenpress”, the NKR President’s Spokesman Davit Babayan said there is no alternative to the recognition of the NKR’s independence and the restoration of the complete negotiation format.

“Azerbaijan insists on the phased option which is a form of delaying the process, seeking to obtain a more advantageous position. If Azerbaijan is trying to show that it is interested in the conflict settlement and doesn’t see any option than the phased one, it must recognize the NKR’s independence, we will also recognize Azerbaijan and will sit around the negotiation table to discuss various issues. There is no other option. The NKR’s independence must be recognized, the complete negotiation format must be restored, and the time will show the rest. At the same time everyone must understand one thing, there cannot be a return to the past, in terms of the borders as well”, Davit Babayan said.

Referring to the Russian FM Sergey Lavrov’s statement that this time success is closer than ever before, Davit Babayan said probably it is related to the installation of the investigation mechanisms.

“Taking into account that currently discussions are being held over the installation of mechanisms, I think that this statement is associated with it since at this stage we do not see any step by Azerbaijan towards the comprehensive settlement, quite the contrary the destructive statements still continue. They hinder the process of the installation of these mechanisms, but they do not openly talk about it. Thus, we should wait and work towards the installation of these mechanisms”, Davit Babayan said. - Information source

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