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Hranush Hakobyan: We are concerned over Garo Paylan’s security
05.05.16 10:08
Hranush Hakobyan: We are concerned over Garo Paylan’s security

Minister of Diaspora of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan is concerned over the personal security of Armenian member of Turkish parliament Garo Paylan, Minister Hakobyan told “Armenpress”, commenting on the violence and attacks on the MP in the recent days.

“The footage that appeared on the internet in the recent days clearly shows that the Turkish MPs attack Armenian MP Garo Paylan in an in-advance planned manner, subjecting him to physical violence and shouting offensive words addressed to his Armenian identity.

These are overt attempts of silencing calls for justice and a racist demonstration of ethnic discrimination, which, unfortunately, continue in Turkey for over 100 years. The Armenian MP, believing that the parliament is a platform for free expression of opinions, voiced about the brutal assassination of 7 Armenian MPs during the Armenian Genocide, raising the issue of the investigation of those murders and reburial of the MPs. This irritated the representatives of the ruling party. The MP, that enjoys trust of the people, is subjected to physical, psychological and moral tortures, while the international community is indifferent to this situation that has no links with civilization. We are really worried over the personal security of Garo Paylan.

We know that years ago Hrant Dink was killed in Turkey for freely and boldly expressing his ideas, the trial of which continues up till now, periodically taking a form of farce”, Hranush Hakobyan said. - Information source

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