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Course for community leaders of “Diaspora” Summer School Program kicks off
27.07.15 15:32
Course for community leaders of “Diaspora” Summer School Program kicks off

July 27th marked the launch of the course for community leaders, which is part of the “Diaspora” Summer School Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora. The event has gathered 14 Diaspora Armenians from 7 countries around the world, including Russia, the USA, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria and Estonia.

The participants were greeted by Head of the Department of All-Armenian Programs at the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

Head of the Division for Scientific and Educational Programs and the program’s correspondent Sirvard Hambaryan presented the programs and activities and the major directions of the RA Ministry of Diaspora through a slide show.

The RA Ministry of Diaspora will organize broad discussions on issues facing Armenian communities, and the participants will talk about the problems facing their organizations and community structures, as well as their efforts for preservation of the Armenian identity. They will also share new approaches to implementation of partnership programs with the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

The participants of the course will have a meeting with RA Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan and several other government officials, will visit several schools and universities in Armenia, the AGBU Armenia Office and the Museum of History of Yerevan, will be introduced to the activities of Armenian Genocide Centennial Committees and will present their works to the departments and divisions of the RA Ministry of Diaspora according to regions. On July 31, they will take part in the grand ceremony marking the end of the “Diaspora” Summer School Program.

The courses will be devoted to “Leadership Skills”, “Current Challenges of Armenology on the Internet: “Community Work”, “Key Issues of Armenian History”, “Governance Skills”, “Repatriation Programs”, “National Songs” and more. - Information source

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