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Government holds regular meeting
10.06.15 16:52
Government holds regular meeting

The Government approved a bill on amendments to the Law on License Fees, which suggests replacing the turnover tax applicable to gold markets with license fees, with a maximum amount set at AMD35 thousand, AMD25 thousand - in Marz centers and 0 dram - in border areas.

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan highlighted the amendment in the context of support for the jewelry sector.

The Government made amendments to the 2015 State budget law and its earlier decisions, according to which a 5-year delay was accorded to Radioisotope Production Center CJSC on the extended loan repayment period, ensure the company’s activities in 2015, as well as the transportation and installation of Cyclone 18/18equipment. Approximately AMD255 million was allocated for the purchase of additional equipment and the production of radioisotopes under the first phase of the project. Construction work was reported to be complete by next July.

The Head of Government stressed the importance of this program and the observance of the prescribed deadlines.

The Government proposed to the National Assembly to convene an extraordinary session of the National Assembly on June 15, 12: 00 pm. The agenda will feature discussion of amendments to RA Civil Procedure Code, Labor Code, Family Code and a set of other laws and legal acts, as well as ratification of international treaties.

The government decided that as of July 1, 2015:
- the base pension amount for the calculation of servicemen’s pensions will be AMD16 thousand instead of the currently applicable AMD14 thousand; the cost of one year of military service will be AMD1500, instead of 1300 AMD;
- the amount of disability military pension for compulsory military servicemen will be as follows: first-group disability AMD36 thousand (instead of AMD31,500), second-group disability AMD26 thousand (instead of AMD23,100), third-group disability - AMD18 thousand (instead of AMD15,750).
- the amount of military pension in case of deceased rank and file soldiers engaged in compulsory military service will be AMD24 thousand, while the amount of pension eligible for those children under 18 having lost both parents will be AMD80 thousand (instead of 21 thousand and 70 thousand dram respectively).

As of July 1, 2015, the amount of pension for long military service will increase by 14 percent; the amount survivor’s pension for deceased army officers - 14.4 percent etc.

The Government decided to allocate AMD1 billion to the Ministry of Agriculture for transfer to the Fund for Lake Sevan Trout Resource Restoration and Development of Fisheries for implementation of statutory objectives.

The program intends to create trout fish production and fish processing plants in the basin of Lake Sevan. Full support will be provided in the vital stages at the Fry farms - from the formation of maternal shoal of fish to transportation of vital Fry to the Lake - ensuring thus the environmentally sustainable trout production. - Information source

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