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Serena Uilyamsn u Aleqsis [email protected]՝ Brand Genius Awards [email protected]
09.11.18 02:00
Serena Uilyamsn u Aleqsis Ohanyan@՝ Brand Genius Awards mrtsanakabashkhutyan@

Ashkharhi lavaguyn tenisistuhinerits [email protected] hamarvogh Serena Uilyamsn amusnu՝ hayazgi milionater Aleqsis Ohanyani het Nyu Yorqum masnaktsel e Brand Genius Awards [email protected]:

Inchpes nshum e Daily Mail[email protected], erekoyi shrdzhanakum marzuhin pargevatrvel e 2018 Brand Visionary Award mrtsanakov, [email protected] statsel e amerikyan Vogue amsagri khmbagir Anna Vinturi dzerqits:

[email protected] nkatum e, vor 35-amya Ohanyann u 37-amya Uilyamsn Էlegant tesq en unetsel:


Happily wed: The couple welcomed daughter Alexis on September 1, 2017, and tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony on November 16

Couple goals: Serena Williams put on eye-popping display on Wednesday evening as she joined husband Alexis Ohanian at Adweek's Brand Genius Awards in New York City

Headturner: The tennis ace put on eye-popping display as she arrived at the glamorous event on Wednesday night

Her night: Serena was at the event to be honored with the trade publication's 2018 Brand Visionary Award which was presented to her by Anna Wintour

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