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236 mln dolar. Chinastanum karutsvel e «oskezots» hyuranots (
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236 mln dolar. Chinastanum karutsvel e «oskezots» hyuranots (

Chinastanum batsvel e yurorinak hyuranots, vorn arandznanum e «oskezots» patuhannerov u kochvum e Golden Nugget Hotel:

Inchpes nshum e The Daily Mail[email protected], 200 m bardzrutyamb [email protected] nakhatesvats e harust hatchakhordneri hamar: 

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Qarasunvetsharkani [email protected] gtnvum e erkri arevelyan hatvatsum: Teghatsinern ayn «osku ahreli dzulaktor» en anvanum:

Gold Nugget Hotel-n uni 379 hamar, 6 restoran u mi qani patkerasrah:

Nshvum e, vor Zhongyang Group @[email protected] hyuranotsi karutsman hamar tsakhsel e 236 mln dolar:

A shiny golden skyscraper standing at 656ft tall in Nantong city of Jiangsu Province has become a local landmark

The hotel, owned by Zhongyuan Group, has 379 guest rooms, a buffet restaurant at the top floor and wedding exhibition halls

Gold Nugget Hotel was built in 2013, when the company spent over £170 million on constructing the building

There is also a helipad on the rooftop to welcome wealthy guests who arrive the hotel by helicopters

However, the exterior wall of the building uses only golden-coloured windows and is not made in real gold

Local residents described the colour as a 'newly rich' gold, that symbolises a show-off in the company's wealth

The hotel is built over an area of 1.3 million square foot, roughly about a space of over 20 football pitches

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